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Imogen attended The Cinema Society With Nissan & FIJI Water Host A Screening Of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” on May 21st. To the gallery I have added only one photo of Imogen from this day.

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The trailer for Fright Night as hit the internet. You can watch it in HD on YouTube right here. Screen captures, stills, and a poster are in the gallery!

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I finally capped Imogen in Christopher and His Kind, which aired not too long ago. See the pictures in the gallery! I really loved Imogen as Jean Ross. She was quite the interesting character!

Labels: Christopher and His Kind, Gallery has an article about Imogen and her role as Jean Ross in Christopher and His Kind. Click on the link to read the entire article.

Ross was the young cabaret singer who befriended Isherwood (played here by Matt Smith) and became the inspiration for Sally Bowles, who featured in a number of Isherwood novels […] But Poots’s mesmerising performance as this young, faintly androgynous stage creature who unequivocally can’t sing – ‘We would try something where the note was flat, or she couldn’t reach the note, or she giggled or stumbled or coughed; it’s a pretty hideous affair,’ Poots laughs – is a long way from Minnelli’s more vampish turn.

‘I think that was something my director, Geoffrey Sax, wanted to explore; the girl who definitely didn’t have what it takes – I think that presents the tragedy of her situation more,’ she says.

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Imogen attended The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Theatre Press Night on March 22. Pictures of Imogen at the event are in the gallery!

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