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Old-school rock ’n’ roll is having a TV moment. Earlier this year, HBO took us deep into the cocaine-fueled excess of a 1970s record label with its hit series Vinyl. And now Showtime is presenting its portrayal of the lives of a not-quite-in-the-spotlight rock band’s crew in this June’s Roadies. If the premise sounds vaguely Almost Famous–esque, that’s because the show’s creator is Cameron Crowe, the former music journalist whose experience as a fanboy covering the Allman Brothers forRolling Stone inspired that 2000 Oscar winner.

“Cameron is such an authentic man,” says 26-year-old British actress Imogen Poots, who plays Kelly Ann, an idealistic young electrician working for the successful fictional group the Staton-House Band. “He still lives those stories so intimately and can remember them so vividly. He just felt he had to record them somehow.”

In a way, Poots’s character is the embodiment of both Crowe’s deep-seated passion for music and his anxieties regarding the changes affecting today’s tenuous, fragmented music industry. In the first episode, she is in the midst of an existential crisis, questioning her own love for the band to which she’s devoted years of her life and considering giving it all up for a shot at film school.

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I’ve added to the gallery some new/old photoshoots of Imogen, as you can check it out bellow!

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Hello! I want to apologize for the lack of updates as real life has been making it hard for me to update regularly but now i promise to try my best to keep you guys up to date. To start, i have added to the gallery some portraits of Imogen taken during Sundance Film Festival, in which she promoted her movie Frank & Lola. Some portraits were also replaced with their high quality versions.

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Two new portraits of Imogen, taken at Sundance Film Festival by Maarten de Boer while promoting the movie Frank and Lola have been added to the gallery!

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Imogen made her first appearance at Sundance Film Festival yesterday, and i bring to you the photos from the first event she has attended at the festival plus some portraits!

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